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You’ve felt her rhythm every time she takes the stage with vivacious dance moves and smooth vocals, but now Red Velvet’s idol member Joy will be sparking a new power duo with acclaimed actor Chu Young Woo by taking the silver screen in roles for Kakao TV’s new drama Unexpected Country Diary.

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The drama is an adaptation of a web novel by the same name by Park Ha Min. The premise is set as a romance between a man roaming from Seoul re-locating to the countryside and meeting a strong-willed policewoman.

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The drama will denote themes of nature and encompass the intricate and complicated lives of the people of Heedong Village. The mantle of Director will be trusted upon Kwon Seok Jang, who you will remember for dramas Bossa: Steal the Fate, Avengers Social Club and Miss Korea.

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Initially, Actor Jang Keun Suk and Sooyoung of Girl’s Generation were rumored for the lead roles, but alas, ultimately the director went in another creative direction.

We are all looking forward seeing what this new upcoming drama will offer, it looks promising! Why not get ready for it with some delicious Korean snacks from Seoulbox?

Joy will be playing the role of Ahn Ja Young, a trustworthy and adored-by-everyone-in-the-village policewoman who is always willing to lend a helping hand when someone is in need or trouble is round the corner.

Her social and friendly demeanor challenges the prickly and uncaring personality of Han Ji Yool, who is a stickler for the rules and maddeningly stubborn, played by Chu Young Woo. Certainly the classic ‘opposites attract’ trope. The prospect of our love interests clashing is titillating indeed.

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Joy spoke of her admiration and respect for Kwon Seok Jang and said:

‘’It is an honor to work with [him]’’. She stated her hopes of people finding ‘’shelter that [you] accidentally find and get comforted by’’ from her character and the story. She expressed her desire to make her fans and colleagues proud by doing her best as Ahn Ja Young.

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The series will consist of 12 mid-form episodes that are 30 minutes long and will air in the second half of this year.

Us, ReVeluv’s are so excited to see our bundle of Joy reprise her acting career and know this drama will be a hit with her amazing talent heading the story.

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