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Dear SeoulMates, we are the 30th of June, which means today is your last day to order our June Box: Summertime in Jeju and tomorrow will be the launch of the July’s box AND the launch of our brand new box.

If you haven’t seen our SeoulBox yet, here’s the box!



For many countries, people can do some fun activities again. This is why we thought we could propose you a day in sensational places:

Let’s go to the July’s Amusement Park!

As you know, the SeoulBox Life, our new quarterly box, will be released tomorrow! The first edition of this lifestyle box is going to follow you all summer and even all year long! The most observing of you have already found one items of the box on the website! Indeed, on June 1st we decide to decided to hide some hints throughout the website.

If you haven’t found yet, please take 5 minutes to go on to find the very first egg that was just under your nose for 30 days.


Author Camille Dsz

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