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Cream Cheese Garlic Bread Made Easy | Korean Street Food Recipe - YouTubePicture Credit

When we talk about Korean bread (we call it: ), you might be reminded of soboro bun or milk pan. But there is more to it! You might be curious about: Is Korean bread the same as western bread? What makes Korean bread so famous? If you are wondering that, you have come to the right place! Let’s get through some of the Korean Bread facts together! 

Specialty In Korean Breads: 

Pull-Apart Garlic Cheese Bread - EmmymadePicture Credit

Korean bread is inspired by French bread with an infusion of local taste to accommodate the Koreans. Korean breads are more fluffy, soft and sweet. It is usually filled in with red bean or a drizzle of condensed milk. It is very much different from the crusty texture of French baked goods. 

Fun fact: You can find bread as a street food in Korea! Do check the stores out and look out for those sandwiches :)

Why And How It Became So Popular! 

Other than the traditional Korean bread, you can find some westernized bread from Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jours. These two companies are very famous in Korea and have many outlets! Do check them out when you are in Korea! 

Korean bread

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The bakeries have a nice aesthetic and have a westernized feel! All the pastries look great and delicate, thus grabbing the attention of many (sometimes the bread/ cake looks too good to eat!). 

Types of popular Korean Bread: 

Milk Pan - A More Milky Filling;

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Soboro bread (소보로빵) nutty and sweet topping

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 Bungeoppang (붕어빵)fish shaped waffle with red bean filling; 

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Mochi bread (모찌빵); 

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Those of you want to have some fun making some Korean bread, here some of the recipes (even if we don’t cook, it is nice to watch those videos for the aesthetics!): 


What kind of bread do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below! 

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