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Kpop beauty: never dull, always fun and colourful. Looking up to K-pop idols like Jisoo of Blackpink, Nancy of Momoland, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Young, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, Chungha, and G-IDLE is pretty simple, to name just a few, like beauty pegs. Let's decode their looks below and figure out how to replicate their style IRL below!


1. Base


K-pop idols, like K-drama actresses, all sport porcelain-smooth glass skin. To replicate this, prepare your skin all over the face with a dewy primer, pat cushion base makeup and dab concealer only on those sections that need coverage.


2. Contour

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HWASA(@_mariahwasa)님의 공유 게시물님,


K-pop stars aren't like their western counterparts in sculpting their skins. Their makeup artists only brush a pastel-hued blush gently over their cheeks.


3. Eyebrows


Our idols like straight and formed brows. Seek soft, juvenile pencils that will be on your top must-do-before-going-out list.


4. Eyes


Face makeup is seen as the highlight of their look. They wear bright or shimmering eyeshadow on their lids, stretch their eyeliner to lengthen their eye shape, and put on falsities to make their peepers look bigger.


5. Lips


They vary from bubbling to glossy lips, both making a youthful and punchy impact on your face and overall impression.

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